Thursday, 29 September 2016

Kadabra Cult Chokers

Love these chokers from Kadabra Cult! Was extra inspired today, so I took a few photos! 
Those who follow me on Instagram certainly know where I buy my chokers, but I still want to tell you about them here. 
Sweet girl named Alice Lockhart (insta) is the designer and model for her own brand called Kadabra Cult (shop)
The chokers are handmade in US of 100% vegan high quality vinyl. Available in three sizes and different colors. You also can choose the type of closure
This company is quite new, and their range grows every month. Kadabra Cult has harness tops, leg garters, jewelery, sunglasses and even phone cases.
Recently, they've launched a new line «Daddy's Lil Monster & co» (insta), which includes everything you might need for Harley Quinn cosplay.
Kadabra Cult ships worldwide. I live in Russia so it's a big plus for me. Gonna order some more <3

Check @shopkadabra on Instagram, and you may find me there;)

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