Monday, 19 September 2016

Filming a Trailer for Purgatory. Backstage

This summer was seriously the best in my life! I've done so many amazing things for myself and it feels so good :)
At the end of the summer I was backstage on set doing nothing but makeup! We were filming a trailer for "Purgatory" quest in reality (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). It was such an amazing experience.
I'm so excited to finally share this photo report. All photos and filming done by the talented russian photographer Tsvetkova Darina (Цветкова Дарина).

Here's my lovely model Masha <3 One of the victims of a serial killer. 
I did some bloody wounds all over her body.
Backstage set-up. A little bit of everything :)
Well, I know it doesn't look like real wounds up close on the photos
but I promise you it looks gross on the video.
I'm so focused on work...
Aaand here is my favourite part. Masha on the table =)
Makeup artist's hands are always in paint. In F/X blood this time.
Our filming crew.

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