Monday, 8 February 2016

Kiss Lashes. First Impressions

World of social media got me into makeup and now I can’t stop. I tried fake eyelashes just once and it didn’t turn out as well as I thought it would be so I just gave up on them :) I guess now I'm ready to do this again!
I choose cheaper brand just to find out if I like wearing lashes first. Famous lash brands like "House Of Lashes" or "Velour Lashes" look amazing, but they are quite pricey and it would be a shame if I won’t wear them at all. You know the drill.
I got three different pairs of Kiss Lashes in "Au Naturale 01", "Au Naturale 02" and "Ritzy" style that comes with special applicator. I also picked up their aloe lash adhesive in black.
These lashes have a thin flexible band and they are very lightweight. Fit for any eye size and shape. The band isn't too long, I personally have quite small eyes and don't have to trim them.
Well, I have tried to put one of them on today. I used "Ritzy" witch is quite dramatic  and WoW comparing to the "Au Naturale's" and I really need a lot of practise with false lashes :)

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