Monday, 15 February 2016

IsaDora Brow Shaping Gel

I was trying out some drugstore goodies recently and I found really nice affordable brow product for myself!
I’m very picky when it comes to my brows. Never skip brow setting step and for that I've been using my MAC Brow Set in the shade Beguile for years and didn’t have any reason to change it, until now. 
IsaDora Brow Shaping Gel is not a new product on the market, but I was just curious. I have tried some of IsaDora products before and I liked them a lot.
I got two shades: Dark Brown 62 (dark brown with warm undertones) and Cashmere 64 (medium brown with ash undertones). Right now I'm using Dark Brown, it works great with my copper-ish hair color. If my hair were lighter and more on a cool side I would use Cashmere for sure. 
The shade Cashmere has a ton of shimmer, but I personally don't mind it. MAC Beguile Brow Set has a pearly finish as well and it really makes your eyebrows look 3D, so I think it's cool. The longevity is less impressive than MACs brow gel. On the other hand, it isn't that heavy so it doesn't feel like cement on the eyebrows and washes off easier. I like that it has a small brush, that provides a precise application vs MACs one (with it I get brow gel in the places I don't want it to be).
The gel formula contains small fibers. Well, you can see them on the brush, but non of them sticks to the brows. Not a big deal for me, the colour payoff by itself does great things to my brows!
Overall, I enjoy wearing it! Highly reccomend you to try, if you are looking for tinted eyebrow gel with a medium hold level!

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