Friday, 26 February 2016

Beauty Wishlist #4: Too Much Liquid Lipsticks

Beauty Wishlist #4

Spring is officially starts on the next week and I thought it would be just the perfect time for a new wishlist on my blog! I love doing them to see how many items I can fit in one picture :) and of course to help myself to decide when I need to save some money for my wants.

1) All four new shades of Black Moon Cosmetics liquid to matte lipsticks. Black Moon Cosmetics is completely cruelty-free brand and I'm a big fan of their formula and the colours I have are so stunning, so I have quite high expectations for the new shades. I'm especially excited about "Selene", this is a deep plum with purple pearlescent sheen. So unique! You can read my review on them here.

2) I also want to try something from another vegan and cruelty-free small brand called Pretty Zombie CosmeticsI've heard a lot of good reviews on their liquid lipsticks. People say they doesn't feel dry on the lips and are easy to touch-up.

3) IsaDora Face Sculptor 03 Nude. I swatched it the other day and now I'm so sad that I didn't purchase it when I had a chance. I'm almost out of my NYX Taupe Blush that I use for contour, so I need a new contour powder. When I travel I usually take highlighter, bronzer and contour powders as singles with me and they do occupy a lot of space in my makeup bag. So I think it's nice to have all-in-one product. 

4) Beautiful multitasking Sugarpill Loose eyeshadow in Lumi or if I can find something similar anywhere else.

5) I'm very interested in two particular shades of NYX Cosmetics Lip Lingerie range called Embellishment and Exotic. They seem so flattering to me.

6) And the last thing I want to mention in this list is an accessory (because you can't wear only makeup near your face) - Transparent O Ring ChokerI saw it on Linda Hallberg's neck and couldn't resist! The one that she have is from Kadabra Shop but I saw some other brands do them as well. So obviously, I need it!


  1. The Nyx liquid lipsticks look so nice! I haven't heard of the other brands but it's great that Pretty Zombie Cosmetics are cruelty-free!

    The Modern Audrey

    1. Glad you found out about these brands! :)
      Can you recommend any other small brand that make liquid lipsticks and do worldwide shipping?