Saturday, 2 January 2016

Natural Look for Model’s Portfolio

I'm so freaking exited for the new face on my blog! This beautiful girl is good friend of mine, Alina. Last month we did a basic photoset for her model portfolio and I thought, well you can't be a makeup artist/blogger posting photos of yourself only, even thou it's faster and easier to do. But I really like doing makeup on other people and we have so much fun every time we see each other. So we decided to give us a try, and it was a great experience for both of us.
I did a no-makeup makeup look with a touch of grunge (can't go wrong with grunge nowadays, huh) on Alina, just to enhance her natural features. Look at her stunning eyebrows, there is nothing to improve actually!
Here is before and some after's. Alina looks so effortless on this photos. She have to teach me how to pose in front of the camera next time.

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