Friday, 25 December 2015

Skin Diary #5. Dry Skin Winter Saviours

Today I'm going to share with you my current favourites to hydrate my extremely dry skin during Winter. This is not a "skincare routine" type of post, here is just a selection of my staple products for dry skin.
Cleanser: Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with marula oil I promise this is the last time I mentioned this product. But I just can't help myself how much I love it! Check out my previous Skin Diary for more information on how do I use it to take off my makeup and exfoliate the face.
Regular treatment: My good old Clarins Face Treatment Oil. As you may know there are three different kinds in Clarins Face Treatment Oil line. I was using Blue Orchid during Autumn when my skin has been freaking out on weather changes. Blue Orchid designed for dehydrated skin. Now my skin have adapted to the cold climate and I can use Santal which is more for dry and sensitive skin type. I know that I'll need Blue Orchid again on Spring whilst skin acclimation process. 
If I'm feeling a bit sore and tight (usually around my mouth, cheek area and forehead) I add 2 drops of Treatment Oil in my daily face cream. Wait for about 10 minutes letting the mixture to melt into my skin and do my makeup as usual.

Clarins products work so nice on my skin, and I don't have any reasons to switch my basic skincare brand right now. But if it wasn't hydrating enough for you (cause it wasn't for me) and your face is still looks like a desert island, than here are some "hydrate or die" saviours for you!
Deep moisturiser: Lush Full Of Grace Serum Bar  My mom gave it to me when I suffered from really bad dry patches and my skin was super irritated. She said it's too oily for her combination skin. 
Some people say it breaks them out if it use too often, I mean daily, because of the high beneficial ingredients concentration, I suppose. It charged with such a luxurious vitamin cocktail. For me this is a hardcore moisturising serum, so I use it quite rarely. Once a week (Saturday) is enough for me. Lush Full Of Grace Serum Bar is definitely for dry and sensitive skin. I highly recommend you to try it!
Nourishing supplement: Sometimes oil treatments can't do the whole thing with deeper nourishment and here comes the additional supplement: hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate). This stuff is amazing! It saved my skin this month as well as it did last winter. Basically, hyaluronic acid holds the most of the water on your skin. It locks any moisturizer/oil you put on top.
There are a lot of serums that contains hyaluronic acid. You can see some of them in my selection of products. Apply the serum by pressing motions on clean damp skin and follow with your regular cream. You can use it both day and night. Instantly (or, to be more realistic, after 2-5 days of using), face looks smoother, skin feels fresh and elastic. You definitely need to try hyaluronic acid if you have sensitive thin skin, suffer from dry patches and tightness like I do.
I didn't expected that the formula of my new favourite MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation contains hyaluronic spheres (Sodium Hyaluronate) to hydrate and plump the skin for a longer, more comfortable wear of foundation! That means this foundation is good for dry skin.

So that is all I wanted to say, and here is the selection of products I highly recommend you to try!

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