Friday, 18 December 2015

One Formula Makeup Challenge

I saw some bloggers and youtubers did "One Product Only Makeup Challenge", but for me it is a bit treaky (it should be), so I thought it could be also fun to use one formula for the whole face, and I've chosen MAC Cream Colour Bases for that. They are so quick and easy to work with. I used to use MAC Cream Colour Bases for many purposes in my makeup before, but I haven't tried them on my brows yet, so today I will. I would only do my foundation routine and mascara as usual. 
MAC Cream Colour Bases that I've used: Pearl for highlight, Premeditated on the cheeks, Root for contour, eyebrows and outer corners of the eyes, Shell for inner part of the eyes, mix of Premeditated and Hush on the lips.
As a result: my brows look way too orange. Haha! But I love the lips! My tip is to mix them together to create new colours! Anyways, it was really interesting for me to do this challenge.

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