Monday, 28 December 2015

New Year’s Eve Red

Red lipstick is the most classic look you can go for every year and it will never go out of fashion. There are so many types of red on the market today. You’ll definitely find something right for you. It can be whatever shade of red you feel yourself pretty in. Cool undertones: blue based red, berry red, dark burgundy red, etc. Or warm undertones: tomato red, bright orange red, yellow based red or muted brown-red, there are so many different options. Also, think about the formula you want to wear. I prefer matte lipstick finish more than anything else. Matte lipstick lasts longer and even though it's a bold colour it looks sophisticated as opposed to shiny textures (personal preference).
So you have the perfect red lipstick! Now choose the right colour of lip pencil to match that lipstick. Take your time mapping out the shape of your lips first. You have to be precise here. You may need a dense lip brush or even an angled brush to get sharper edges. To have more control hold the brush closer to the bristles (metallic part). Don’t forget about the very outer corners of your mouth. Fill in your lips with the same lip pencil, it will make your lipstick more vibrant and long-lasting. Apply lipstick straight from the bullet concentrating most of the product in the centre of your mouth and distribute pigment with the lip brush. Take the smallest amount of concealer or foundation on a clean concealer / angled / lip brush (whatever you feel more comfortable to use) and clean up the edges. I use foundation, to avoid white line around my mouth that concealer may leave. Now you’re done!
Be creative and do an ombre effect with lighter lip colour, add glitter or leave it simply classic red!

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