Friday, 27 November 2015

Skin Diary #4. My Favourite Exfoliating Combo

As you may have noticed I am a big fan of oils in my skincare routine. I also love mixing products together to make unique treatment that works exactly how I need. By adding a regular exfoliator in the cleansing gel you taking pore clearing process onto the next level. Here are some tips for you on how to achieve polished, yet silky smooth skin in one step. 

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with marula oil. This amazing cleanser is designed to melt away all of your makeup without drying out the skin. It has quite thick consistency, but it softens as you gently rub it into your face. Its cool for removing eye makeup, especially if you have sensitive skin around the eyes like I do. Cleanser doesn't irritate delicate under eye area. The fact that it is a pure cleanser doesn't make it powerless against clogged pores. I found it works best if I apply gel on my whole face before taking shower and wash it off a few minutes later. This way all the good components have some more time to open up the pores and dissolve excess oils, dirt and other discussing staff. When I use it my skin looks brighter and cleaner. I become obsessed and this is my secont tube.

Great things happen occasionally, you know. I just wanted to mix Clarins with something that I rarely use, but have to utilize anyway. Freeman Pink Grapefruit Facial Exfoliating Scrub is one of those products. It's a bit overdrying, so my skin tends to flake off afterwards. I like it, but I don't love it. Freeman is inexpensive brand overall, so for the price it's doing great. Any other facial scrub with this type of formula would work exactly the same.
I like do scrubbing 2 times a week in the morning. If you have some extra 10 minutes for your skincare, than try this in the morning. Facial moisturizer will absorb evenly and your makeup will glide on even smoother. Sometimes I mix them 50/50 in my hand, or apply the scrub straight on top of the cleanser. Obviously, don't scrub around the eyes. Using circular motions you activate blood circulation under the skin. Epidermal cells will regenerate faster and the colour of your face would look healthier. Leave it on for 10 min than again massage it in with your fingers and wash your face with cooler water to close pores. Instantly, skin feells fresh and boosts radiance.

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