Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Autumn/Winter 2015 Makeup Trends

AW 2015 Beauty Trends (1)

feel like I'm a bit late with this one, but I've search for top makeup trends for the end of the year 2015 and choose a few that I really like and will wear A/W season. In general, we familiar with all of them. Nothings changed since the last year, but some things got a bit of a twist.

Base. Perfect skin trend is not passes by for several years now, getting more and more interpretations on a healthy shine theme. Makeup artists demonstrate application of minimal base products only on the problem areas of the face. Forget about summer dewiness and strong matte finish this season. It's all about the natural satin glow from within.
Cheeks. Makeup artists suggest to put aside your contour kit and make friends with fresh blush on your cheeks. To achieve that natural flash take some cool toned pink/berry blusher on big blush brush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks then blend towards the temples.
Bold brows. As well as flawless base, big bushy brows are on trend all year round! Natural form and filled in the gaps, they are the statement feature of many people out there. Use eyeshadows for modern effortless look and finish off with brow gel.

AW 2015 Beauty Trends (2)

Metallic eyeshadows. Your favourite colour along with super shiny texture. I adore cream eyeshadow sticks (especially Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Bronze). Apply it straight on the lids and blend out the edges really well. For more intensive result add same coloured metallic pressed/loose eyeshadows on top, this will create 3-dimensional  reflections. But if metallic foil all over the face is too much for you, than put just a tiny bit in the inner corners of your eyes, like you do with highlighter. This way trendy metals would look more subtle, still making your eyes pop.
Smoky eyes. That's not something innovative, and I think everyone have tried this technique. It became a standard classic, I would say. There are so many ways you can create smoky eyes to emphasize your individual eye shape and compliment colour of the eyes. They called it "new smoky", but basically, delicate brown eyeshadows, rather than black, make dramatic eye look wearable. I choose sophisticated browns with colour nuances. Something like reddish brown, plumy based brown, brown with green undertones look gorgeous.
Dark lipsFor me Autumn and the beginning of Winter is always associated with dark lipstick. So get your deep reds and berries out. Lightly pat it on your lips or layer it until lipstick coverage would look completely opaque. To stop lipstick from bleeding always use a pencil. Concentrate the lipstick in the centre of your lips and blend towards the edges where you put the pencil on first. My favourite combination for this season is MAC Verve on top of MAC Pro Longwear in Faithfully Yours, together they making a perfect dark muted brownish-plum with bilberry undertones.

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