Thursday, 2 October 2014

MAC Faux Lipstick

Faux is a sophisticated grayish muted mauve-pink with satin finish: melts on the lips nicely, but may emphasise chapped lips. Great color pay off. Good for light skin tones. For me Faux is in between retro and grunge yet feminine at the same time. Like I said perfect for vintage 90's makeup, which I'm in love with, and even soft classy 50's look. This is my new A/W season favourite lipstick.
I know...probably some of you are sick of the famous Kylie Jenner lip trend, but it's truly flattering on everyone. Faux is one of those lipsticks as well as Brave, Velvet Teddy and... whatever! This is beautiful color for those who likes down toned cool lippies.

I was shooting the breeze to decide which one I need Faux or Brave. They look very similar to me. Only Brave is more pinkish and has white pearly glow, but I wanted kinda neutral and mauve undertoned lipstick with no any hint of shimmer in it. Then MAC girl said to me that they don't have Brave in store, so Faux was an obvious choice and I'm more than happy with it!

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