Sunday, 18 May 2014

MAC Face and Body Foundation. Before and After

I finally bought it and I wanted to share with you my detailed opinion on MAC Face and Body Foundation! This foundation was in my Spring Beauty Wishlist... Oh, I'm so exited to try it.
I were looking for foundation, which would be a good moisturiser for my wildly dry and terribly flaky skin, and I have chosen MAC Face & Body Foundation.
After reading how good it is: light, invisible, moisturising and other delicious promises, I had nothing less than burning desire to owned it. The girls said that shine will appear after 4-5 hours without powdering but despite this fact I decided that I'll buy F&B anyway, for such a wonderful result on the skin.

 Colour range: I am lost when it comes to choose the right shade from a range of colors of foundation. It always happens with me in the MAC storeWell, I did a research on the Internet for the description about MAC's tones/undertones. My skin tone is in between a MAC NC 15-20. I have the shade C1 which I find is a little yellow for my complexion but I wouldn't consider that a bad thing. It doesn't really matter with F&B actually. If you bought one shade lighter or darker, it blends so nicely into your skin tone. 

First impression. Applying, wearing: Oh my God, it's running! Seriously, consistency is just pigmented water. People recommend to apply it with a duo-fibre brush or with the fingers. I feel more comfortable using my fingers to apply and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to blend it out, but the Real Techniques Buffing Brush also works well. After application you have to let it dry. Otherwise, if you quickly powder it (I don't use powder over it), the base would look patchy, inevitablyWhile you're applying F&B, it melts on the face, but it is not absorbs or disappears like some tinted moisturisers. Doesn't look flat on the face. It has a fluid texture, to be expected from water-based foundation, provides a flawless, natural sheer coverage, skin conditioning and long-wearing. It doesn't accentuate dry patches and peelings, but smooth themSkin looks more healthy visually and moisturisedIt's very nourishing by itself but I need some extra moisture treatment. Foundation conceals pores enough to make my skin look good. I can really build it up to medium coverage. The longer I blend out the product, more pigment and coverage I will get. A little nasty pimple popped up on my chin, but the foundation concealed the redness very well. 
The main feature of Face & Body is that the consistency is developed to apply on the both face and body and it shouldn't be visible on the skin. It is amazing how you can layer it achieving the necessary thickness without looking cakey. Some people don't like that soggy feeling on the face, which they can get, but I believe that it is only because this foundation is not suitable for their skin type. As well, they said about a water resistance. F&B is very resistant, don't smeared, don't leave residues on clothes. I caught a light rain today but the foundation remains untouched. Nevertheless, it's hardly to say with a confidence that it is water-resistant, if you rub the face with a tissue it would left a bit of foundation. If you're going to swim in the pool it would wash off a bit.

no foundation and concealer

with MAC Face and Body Foundation
the complete look with MAC Face and Body Foundation
Packaging: I don't really care about the packaging of a good product, but this one is very comfortable. It can be awkward to travel with 120 ml size bottle, but MAC made it compact somehow, that's cool.
Overall: I would recommend this foundation to those of you who have a very dry skin. This is my skin in the bottle. I have almost perfect skin, and sometimes, if I have a breakout, I simply use a full coverage concealer before F&B and it is a good amount of coverage for me. I definitely love it!

- Natural looking foundation which gives a gorgeous glow
- Good moisturising internals
- Doesn't look foreign and feel comfortable on the face
- No SPF. Which is considered to be a negative aspect probably, but on the other hand, on photographs it looks amazingly, very natural true colour, and feels so light on the face
- Easy of application. Blends well
- Can be applied on the face and on the body

- Don't hide any huge pimples

- Suits only dry skin type

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