Sunday, 27 April 2014

Spring Beauty Wishlist 2014

Spring Beauty Wishlist 2014
Spring Beauty Wishlist 2014 by makeupower
Nails: Pastel nail polishes are on trend now, and I also want to buy yellow and purple creme colours for myself.
Eyes: How do you think it's ok if I'm tired of carry around a lot of different eyeshadows in my makeup bag when I travel... I thought that I need such a small palette consisting of 6 basic colors.
Face: It's a bit strange that I suddenly wanted more liquid consistency face products, but I think they should look much more natural on the face at this time of a year, and I like this beautiful glowing skin effect.
Lips: Finally, lipstick... dark and purple - not a spring color at all. I dream about this lipstick shade for a wild and every time I were in MAC I forgot about it.
Links of mentioned beauty wishes for this spring:

Nail polish

MAC Cosmetics foundation

Urban Decay eyeshadow
$34 -

MAC lipstick

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